Set yourself apart by adding custom decorative architectural elements to your structure.

The use of metal helps to create distinguished and noteworthy structures from what would otherwise be ordinary buildings. Metal roofs, column covers, and domes, create a unique character for your building and can make a dramatic architectural statement.

We can create custom sheet metal elements utilizing unique metals, contrasting roof seam types, shaped metal cornices, and other elements designed in partnership with your architect and design team. As an Architectural Metal Expertise contractor we can offer technical guidance and suggestions on the choice of metals, the relative economies of different techniques, and share our experience with designers.
  • Wall Cornice
  • Roof Top Domes and Towers
  • Arched Entry Ways
  • Window Shades
  • Louvered Window Trellis
  • Porticos
  • Door and Window Awnings
New or existing we have the engineering and design capabilities to take an element from concept to model to end product utilizing the latest design software and CNC fabrication equipment.

Work with our team of designers and engineers to create a sleek new look for your retail or commercial site.
Custom designed architectural elements update your look and set you apart.

Ventaire offers a wide array of materials for your new look. Choose from copper, stainless steel, ACM, & custom post finished carbon steel or aluminum.

Let the design experts at Ventaire create the perfect look for your site. We'll create renderings to help you imagine the possibilities. Let's get started!

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